Thomas Edgington

Director, Talent Acquisition  -  JBCconnect
New York, NY

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I'm a creative and interactive recruiter for JBCconnect servicing the New York City market. My human resources experience draws on multiple years of internal recruiting with Fortune 500 companies. My recruitment experience has primarily been in interactive media, advertising, marketing and branding, and open-source technology research and development.

I'm currently recruiting for positions in the creative advertising/marketing and interactive technology fields.

Personally, I focus on front-end development and emerging mobile technology - HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Ruby/Rails... I'm a recruiter because I love people and I'm a geek at heart. I'm currently trying to learn Objective-C to do some (very basic) iOS development.

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Feel free to reach out to me if you want to network, are searching for a new position, or just want to chat.


Creative/Design, Editorial/Writing, IT/Software Development (2 more)