Cyndy Davis SPHR

Staffing Advisor  -  HP
Houston, TX
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Cyndy  has over 15 years' experience building productive teams in Fortune 100 companies as well as start ups.  “Cyndy partnered with me to drive a 60% increase of my staff within 6 months. The quality of candidates delivered to me and the strategic partnership we had led to the success of filling key roles on my team.” - Director, Advertising Business Operations, Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions “Cyndy Davis is a proven staffing leader and recruiter of top talent with the ability to identify winning talent themes and personality traits in candidates, even across various disciplines. She is intuitive in the way she determines the best fit for particular applicants and has built so many relationships that she always has a vast network of potential candidates. Cyndy Davis would be a welcome addition to any Staffing/Recruiting/HR Consulting firm.” Business Development Manager, XBox Live & MSN Games Advertising, Microsoft She graduated from Texas A&M; with a Bachelors degree in Journalism and holds a Senior Professional in Human  


IT/Software Development, Logistics/Transportation, Data Mining and Analytics