Jim Schultz finds jobs for exceptional supply chain, engineering, and operations candidates in the medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology and industrial manufacturing sectors at FORTUNE Personnel Consultants/Lexington/MA. He works with established and startup companies. 

Jim is known for being a tenacious, relentless and connected recruiter!

As he says, "I won’t stop until you are completely satisfied! Let me bring my expertise and extensive network to help you find the perfect candidate for your search. What do you have to lose? Give me an opportunity to prove that I am not just another recruiter but one who will work relentlessly to fill your hardest-to-fill position."

Jim Schultz loves the challenges of recruiting: finding people jobs that really suit their abilities, skills, and interests or helping a company or frazzled hiring manager get just the right candidate for a hard-to-fill position.

He says: "I value the relationships I form with the candidates I place. I particularly enjoy working with high-potential, emerging candidates - those ready for that big break in their careers, helping them make the leap and working with them throughout their careers."


Biotech/R&D/Science, Engineering, Logistics/Transportation (5 more)