Annette Lawlor

Founder, L10n People  -  L10n People
Dublin, Ireland

My Open Jobs


I own and manage a Niche Localization recruitment company.  We have a base in Dublin and Poland and the USA and clients all over the world.  We care about our industry and offer career consulting and bespoke recruitment solutions to our clients and our candidates.  I also have three kids that care nothing about recruitment,  but have thought me that work/life balance is important, in order to be truly happy at what you do for a living.  We try and put ourselves in the shoes of our candidates and offer them what they want, not what we want them to want !  We will do everything for our clients, but expect in return true collaboration, if our CV's go into a black hole then that's not the client for us.  We want to be viewed as you would your internal recruiters, and be a real recruitment partner, we know we need to earn that and that's fine!  Reach out if you have a localization need or want a new localization job

Twitter @annettel10n  Skype: Annette.lawlor or good old fashioned phone Europe +353 1 524 1481, USA +1415 906 5283




Business/Strategic Management, Creative/Design, Customer Support/Client Care (3 more)