Bobby Grohmann

Recruiting Manager  -  Credera
Dallas, TX

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Credera is a full-service business and technology consulting firm. We work with Fortune 1,000 companies across the country, medium-sized businesses, government organizations and clients across a broad range of industries. Credera is headquartered in Dallas with offices in Houston and Denver. We give our clients the experience and perspective to solve today's toughest business and technology challenges. At Credera, it's not just about meeting expectations - it's about exceeding them. 

Credera’s specialties include Management Consulting, Java Solutions, Microsoft Solutions, and Business Intelligence Solutions. We have a strong commitment to research and development in addition to the results we provide for our clients. We encourage you to view Credera’s Thought Leadership and Blogs: 

We believe that the results you get from your consulting partner can be traced directly back to that partner’s values. At Credera, we know that our values significantly influence the professionals we recruit — and ultimately, our values are reflected in the services we provide. 

Credera’s Core Values: 
• Integrity: Fidelity to moral principles 
• Excellence: Great merit or efficiency. Excel: to be superior; to surpass 
• Professionalism: Demonstrating a courteous, conscientious, and businesslike manner in the workplace
• Humility: Modesty in self-estimation; humbleness


Business/Strategic Management, IT/Software Development