Oriflame Uk.


Oriflame Uk , are a very successfull direct selling company offering a wide range of specialised skin care to women,men, children and infants.

They offer it at a very afforadable price and what makes our products better than the rest - ALL of our range contains natural plant extracts so there for is amazing for sensitive skin, and even on the most sensitive of skins that suffer with complaints such as ezma pur products are soothing.

And NONE of our range is ever tested on animals - we do all our testing on human skin cells and this is all carried out by our highly trained highly experienced scientists.

We currently have available possitions within the following Departments

  • Direct sales consultants
  • Trainee Senior Consultants
  • Trainee Group Managers

We can offer a very competative commission rate of 23-35% as well as all training provided and an amazing support network, as well as the ability to be promoted when you earn it -NEVER HAVE TO WAIT FOR SOME ONE TO LEAVE.

We can offer you all this and zero sign up fee. So you can try it out if you find direct sales is not the market for you, you can leave when ever you like and it would have cost you nothing.

So why not give Oriflame A go you never know next month you could be earning more than you ever dreamed of.

 For more information or sign up please contact Nadine on 01253 753590 or email nadinemellis@aol.co.uk


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