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Digital Recruitment Done Differently and exceptionally, is part of Octobers DNA. We are well connected, and well respected. Our clients work with us because we apply next generation thinking, to old school recruitment techniques.

October’s glittering team of recruiters with their unmatchable talents in the industry deliver clever and striking recruitment campaigns to our digital clients.


For our candidates, this means you have access to consultants who will give you all the advice you need to get on, and we won’t pigeon hole you in to certain opportunities that we ‘think’ are right.

We’ll go to great lengths to make sure a position is the right fit for you, so you can utilise your talents in high profile companies that will cultivate, and encourage them, whilst benefiting from them too.


For our clients, this means we guarantee you access to the ‘best of the best’ talent in the digital space, which means when projects need fulfilling, targets need hitting, revenues need generating or awards need winning, you can be sure your new employees will be headlining.

By following October’s social media platforms, via twitter @octoberjobs and facebook @octoberrecruitment, you’ll get access to all the latest digital jobs as well as gain access to all the latest industry news. Our social media platforms act as a think tank to industry professionals, and bring together a myraid of digital talent to debate, and innovate.



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