Whit Gallimore

Business Development Manager/Partner  -  The Hamilton-Ryker Company
Nashville, TN

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Sales, Recruiting & Marketing for a complete Human Resources corporation.

Intricate knowledge in the practice of Workers Compensation Law & Workforce Development in the State of Tennessee.

Expert in Conflict Management, Alternative Dispute Resolution & Civil Mediation

On-site management of human resources and production processing operations for client's logistics facility.

I consult with companies about the services Hamilton-Ryker offers to absorb the risk involved with employer/employee relationships. I am developing my client base by marketing our business solutions and value-added services. To do this, I network in the local marketplace, attend local and state level Chamber of Commerce events, attend TDOL/WFD updates and conferences, and frequent professional networking events. I also continue in my roles as a Recruiter and a Project Manger. As a Recruiter, I place top professionals to fulfill client needs. During this process, I maintain ongoing contact with both the client and the candidate to ensure each receives the highest level of customer service available in the industry. I apply an extensive process that involves pre-screening, interviewing, and skill testing applicants. Once the applicant successfully completes the screening process they are skill matched to determine if they meet the qualifications for any available assignments. I handle all phases of the employee/employer relationship i.e. (Hiring, Orientation, Drug Screening, Payroll, Terminations, etc.) As a Project Manager, my responsibilities include managing our associates on-site at a client facility and managing production processes to ensure quality, accounting for production inventory, matching or exceeding production demands, and ensuring complete satisfaction of the client. Additionally, I have extensive experience managing Workers’ Compensation claims and handling Risk Management processes and procedures.


Business/Strategic Management, Customer Support/Client Care, Engineering (4 more)