Jeremiah Zoltani

Account Executive  -  Edoc Talent, Inc.
Toledo, OH
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  • "It happened. Six months ago. Was not placed in INDY however but rather did these duties for a consortium of 4 companies located in INDY, CLE, SEA, and NJ. Jeremiah did an excellent job in the placement research and resulting "hire coordination"."
    April 18, 2011

I am an Executive Headhunter, with a focus on the Print and Marketing (digital/direct/relationship) industries. I love the thrill of the hunt for new talent and the even better pay off of helping companies significantly improve their bottom line, and allowing candidates the opportunity to advance their personal careers. In a way I am an expert matchmaker. I'm not a big fan of one time deals, I want to be your exclusive "talent agent" for the duration of your career. Helping you to make the best decision for the company, and for yourself, is my number one goal.

I enjoy networking with all professionals! So feel free to connect with me; send me an email ( or call 419.324.2424 ext. 15.

Things I hate about recruiters that give 'headhunting' a bad name:

1. Completely untargeted resume blasts.

2. Caring more about a commissions check then the actual people involved.

3. Sourcing candidates from job boards (Monster, Careerbuilder, etc.).

4. Making it a business rather then a life style!

4. Recruiters that don't follow through on their guarantees.

5. "Easy" recruiters that leave lasting, negative impressions on people.


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