Marissa Marsala is the founder of Employer & Candidate Connection (ECC) Search and a group on LinkedIn which bears the same name. Marissa is a former HR professional of over 12 years and has 15 years of marketing experience. She is well-networked and uniquely qualified to help today’s job seekers cut through the clutter and invest their energies in productive activities that help them to land jobs. Through the ECC consultancy, Marissa serves as a recruiter/connector to bring other recruiters employers and candidates together. She also does career coaching to help job seekers facilitate career “makeovers.” The ECC LinkedIn group serves as an online meeting place for job seekers and businesses (employers & search firms) to post and apply for jobs. Job seekers can take advantage of a wide variety of free career advice/resume advice, networking tools and tips, as well as apply to jobs. Job seekers can also receive free answers to their job questions through this group.


Please note that I provide free career advice in one of two ways (ONLY):  At career events I speak at and through my LinkedIn Group:  Employer & Candidate Connection where you may ask me a question through the group.  In this way, other group members will benefit from your question and my answer.  All are invited to join the group, but please heed the group rules. Solicitations for products and services (such as coaching, resume writing, multi-level marketing/direct marketing, etc.) are NOT permitted.  This is a pay-it-forward group.  Recruiters and employers may post their jobs and approach members regarding bonafide job opportunities.


Please consult my website for a list of networking events in Southern California and elsewhere.  If you have information about career transition groups (free or non-profit), in other states, please email me this information and I will do my best to post this information at my earliest convenience.


Accounting/Finance/Insurance, Biotech/R&D/Science, Business/Strategic Management (14 more)