Bullhorn Reach Products

  • Job Slots

    The number of jobs for which a recruiter can take applications concurrently

  • Social Sharing

    Easily post and automatically re-post jobs to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook so that your social connections can help fill your openings

  • Radar

    Identify who in your networks may be looking for a job before they even announce it so that you can stay ahead of the competition

  • Auto-Post to Job Boards

    Automatically post your open positions to multiple job boards so you get more candidates with less work

  • Content Post Scheduling

    Set content posts ahead of time to help share your messages consistently and engage your connections

  • Branded Career Portal

    Collect applications with a modern website where candidates see your company's name, logo, colors, and jobs

  • Team Recruiting & Reports

    Reassign job distribution responsibilities among recruiters in case of personnel changes. Track candidate applications and placements by social network source to recruit more effectively

  • Advanced ATS Integration

    Work seamlessly within the Bullhorn ATS by leveraging the built-in Bullhorn Reach tab, plus automatic resume parsing for candidate applications

  • Teamcast

    Post content and jobs to the social networks of all your team’s recruiters to save them time and grow your company's following


"Since I have used this, my web response rate has quadrupled! Fantastic!"

— David Gardner, technical recruiter

"If you want to work smarter instead of harder, Bullhorn Reach is an absolute MUST-USE!"

— Dezzi Rae Marshall, Garret Associate

"Bullhorn Reach makes it easy for me to source qualified talent in a cost-effective way"

— Bree Maddox, SPHR