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Director, Trade Structured & Export Finance (closed)

Moscow, Russia
Full Time Employment
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Job Description


  • Primary focus of the jobholder will be the origination, negotiation and execution of Structured Trade and Export Finance deals in EMEA markets; development of strategies in discussion with Head of EMEA Department through identifying market trends and clients’ requirement and achievement of revenue/income target through providing Structured Trade and Export Finance to clients.

Accountabilities and Responsibilities:

  • Promotion of Structured Trade and Export Finance (ECA) in Europe, Russia, CIS, Middle East and Africa, working with overseas offices and RMs in ECFD 1, 2 and ESFD.
  • Development of strategies in discussion with head of GTFD EMEA and Directors to achieve revenue/income target of GTFD EMEA through delivering trade and export finance products to the clients of ESFD/ECFD/GTFD EMEA through identifying their requirements, delivering solutions to them by structuring schemes and concluding the transactions.
  • Maintenance of good relationship with clients, suppliers, off takers and competitors etc. to develop and update industry knowledge, understanding on market trends and clients requirements.
  • Liaising with Tokyo in managing European leg of Japan ECA business.

Compliance Responsibilities:

  • Read, understand and comply with Bank London’s Compliance Manual.
  • Be up to date with Anti Money Laundering training.
  • Have signed the required Compliance undertakings.
  • Report promptly any identified compliance or money laundering risks or actual breaches to the Compliance Department and/or the Head of GTFD-EMEA.

Key performance indicators:

  • Identifying clients and financing opportunities sufficient to achieve revenue/income targets.
  • Delivering Structured Trade Finance, such as Pre-Export Finance, Supplier Finance and etc. to clients through innovating/structuring schemes.
  • Manage up to the point of execution of the transactions, i.e. presenting to Credit Committee, obtaining credit approvals and closing documentation.
  • Building a wide network of market contacts across corporate and FI sectors.
  • Assisting GM, JGM, DGM and Directors in promoting business and maintaining good condition of Bank’s assets.
  • Cross-selling of the Bank’s products and services to clients.
  • Minimization of the loss of the Bank’s asset through credit monitoring, and to support the control of the Bank’s problematic loans, i.e. through Self Assessment, Close Watch Report, Action Plan and Monitoring Report etc.
  • To co-work and liaise with GTFD EMEA staff as well as with other related parties of the Bank including, but not limited to, the staff of ECFD, ESFD and GTFD other offices.

Key Risk Indicators:

  • Status of Global Economy – impact on emerging economies in particular.
  • Nature/growth characteristics of targeted countries/regions.
  • Structural risk/deal complexity.
  • Price/market volatility of the traded commodity/products of clients.
  • Deterioration of the asset portfolio of GTFD EMEA.
  • Fraud risk in trade finance.
  • Reputation risk.
  • Overlooking of hidden structural risk

Decision making authority:

  • Signing agreement and commitment letters on behalf of the Bank, subject to appropriate credit approval.



Knowledge & Skills:


  • Marketing skill to access and develop relationship with key trade finance clients as well as the Bank’s core industrial customers and financial institutions within EMEA.
  • Industry/market knowledge of the commodities of key trade finance clients.
  • Technical knowledge to structure schemes and organize transactions, deliver solutions in trade finance area.
  • Product knowledge of structured trade finance and commodity finance.
  • Product knowledge of other trade finance products, such as L/C, Export finance and etc.
  • Specific knowledge of ECA sector.
  • Relationship with people in ECAs.
  • Analytical skills and demonstrate an understanding of risks and mitigating risks to the Bank’s satisfaction.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, internally and externally.
  • Other technical skills / knowledge: computer literacy, credit analysis knowledge, legal/documentation knowledge and so on.


  • Knowledge of the Bank’s internal rules and procedures.
  • Monitoring /Risk Management knowledge of structured Trade Finance, Commodity Finance and Trade Finance Solutions.
  • Exit/Disposal skill of secured commodities in market.

Key Behaviors/Competencies Required: 

  • Proactive sales.
  • Self-starter.
  • Innovative thinking to deliver solutions.
  • Team-work spirit.
  • Time management.
  • Adapting to changing business strategy and priorities.
  • Adapting to changing credit policy and/or risk management policy.
  • Adapting to changing procedures.

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