Manager, .NET (Team Foundation Server) Development (closed)

Pittsburgh, PA
100000 compensation
Full Time Employment
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Job Description



The Development Manager deals with the coordination and management processes of the Company’s development programs and projects. The incumbent is responsible for helping to facilitate the developers and their projects through project identification, planning, implementation and monitoring, and evaluation. Need to be familiar with and work within the TFS system.




  1. Is the overseer of assigning tasks to each developer
  2. Relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.
  3. A wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected.
  4. Expected to be familiar with the product’s objectives and company strategies.
  5. As a Manager of the development staff…
    1. Provide appropriate status information to Product/Development Manager
    2. Make sure developers know assigned tasks through TFS
    3. Encourage and oversee developer(s) deadlines and work ethic
    4. Help developers brainstorm estimates as to project length
    5. Make sure projects are completed within the necessary timeframe as allotted by the client
    6. Assist developers in accomplishing their goals through planning, implementation, and assessment
    7. Communicate with developers as to their performance and work
  6. As a knowledgeable resource on software process…
    1. Assist in planning software process
    2. Maintain TFS/configure as necessary
    3. Participate in process meetings




  1. A bachelor’s degree in a software/technology related field is preferred; associate’s degree required.
  2. Must  have at least 5-7 years of technological experience.  Experience in a healthcare/specialty pharmacy related field a plus.
  3. Must have significant experience in developing enterprise level applications.




  1. Must be familiar with Microsoft’s TFS – Team Foundation Server.
  2. Must possess good problem-solving and technology skills.
  3. Must  be goal-oriented and focused.
  4. Possesses  good judgment and decision-making skills.
  5. Must have significant experience with Microsoft .NET
  6. Must have significant experience with .NET
  7. Must have good understanding of database development.
  8. Must have proven experience leasing software development teams.




Other duties as assigned.

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