Transmission Engineer

Gurgaon, India
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Job Description




1. Position


Development engineer













2. Function


Design and Development of





Development engineer










4. Roles & Responsibilities


1)  Design of Modern transmission



2) Testing of the transmission for durability



3) Testing of Transmission for performance and shift quality



4) Testing of transmission for NOISE quality



5) Transmission shift quality evaluation



6) Gear rattle and noise subjective evaluation



7) Knowledge of analysis of transmission housing, gear design tohave low noise transmission.



8) Should have clear idea on the requirement of gear ratio forvarious applications









5. Qualification


a.        Minimum Percentage: 70%

c.        Desirable: more than 6 years of experience




7. Knowledge / Skills / Attributes


The ideal candidate would possess some of the following competencies:

Knowledge (What the person must know): Knowledge of latest development on Transmission

Automatic Manual transmission and Automatic Transmission features , application and development.

Knowledge on gear manufacturing and design

Validation of various type of transmission. Skills (What the person should be able to do):

•    Should be able to work with team of engineers.


•    Hard working


•    Clear understanding of basic principle in Transmission engineering


•    Strong Oral & Written skills (English) Attributes (What behaviors the person should exhibit):

•     Team Player


•     Multi-tasking skills







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