Open Pit Mine Supervisor (closed)

Saskatoon, SK Canada
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Job Description

Open Pit Mine Supervisor

Our client is currently seeking an experienced and motivated leader to join their Open Pit mine team in developing our newest projects. This is a FIFO role on a two week on-two week off schedule. As an integral part of the team the person will work in a dynamic atmosphere where safety is paramount, environmental stewardship essential and production results necessary as part of our growth strategy for success. The key functions and responsibilities of the position include:

       Daily supervision of surface mining operations.

       Direct oversight of crew of heavy equipment operators.

       Coordinate and schedule activities.

       Maintain training records and arrange for training as needed.

       Ensure adherence to corporate policies including safety, environmental and labor.

The ideal candidate will be:

       Trained in OH&S regulations and familiar with Provincal Mining regulations.

       Experienced in all aspects of open pit mining (drilling, blasting, load and haul, over the road bulk transportation and maintenance).

       Possess a current blasting certificate.

Successful candidates must be reliable, have a strong work ethic and a positive attitude.

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