Project Engineer/ Energy Analyst (closed)

New York, NY
Recruiter Comment: I'm hiring- Project Engineer/Energy Analyst in New York City- Excellent opportunity

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Horizon Engineering Associates, LLP has a position available for a Project Egineer/Energy Analyst in our New York City offices. This position reports to the Engineering Manager and is responsible for:

  • Energy calculations and analysis using basic utility billing information typically provided by owners.
  • Energy analysis and calculations using energy modeling programs based on current industries standards such as ASHRAE, LEED
  • Support for Retro-Commissioning and Energy Auditing team
  • Ability to generate narrative explanation of results of energy analysis for inclusion in client reporting and final reports
  • Responsible for managing, scheduling and budgeting assigned projects.
  • Provide weekly task lists to engineering manager for inclusion in weekly work plan.
  • Capable of executing and managing tasks within time budgeted 
  • Maintain relations with existing clients on assigned projects.
  • Support the engineering manager in the training and mentoring of team members on proper documentation development, field procedures and equipment usage.
  • Support other project engineers and senior project engineers as required to maintain full utilization.
  • Any special projects as required



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical/ Electrical Engineering with minimum 5 years of experience in engineering or related      experience with a 2 year engineering technology degree.
  • At  least 3 years experience working with mechanical equipment and systems such as absorbers, chillers, boilers, air ventilation balancing systems and other optimization techniques.
  • Experience with energy modeling programs such as Portfolio Manager, Trane Trace, Carrier HAP, Loadsoft, Degree-day modeling analysis
  • Familiarity with code and standards ex. ASHRAE 90.1-2007, 62.1-2010 etc. 
  • EIT or CEM certification preferred.
  • LEED AP  preferred
  • Hands-on-experience of HVAC and/or electrical systems
  • Trade association participation a plus.
  • Must be capable of lifting at least 30 pounds and climbing ladders
  • Ability to travel

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