Director of Finance - Start up(Consumer Goods) (closed)

New York, NY
$140,000+Bonus compensation
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Job Description

Our client is a VC backed, start up consumer products business in New York City, which is at the leading edge of its sector.

The role, Director of Finance, will partner with the Director/VP of Operations and will lead the companies finance and accounting group.

Responsibilities are many and broad, yet the key responsibilities include:

  • Plan, develop and implement a cohesive finance group, that will support the existing business and set the platform for future growth
  • Drive continued improvement and development in the budgeting and forecasting processes
  • Establish the short and long term planning process
  • Work with the executive management team to set the overall financial strategy of the company

The successful candidate will be an ambitious and pro-active thinker. You must be able to combine being a strategic thinker while rolling up your sleeves and be centrally involved in the day to day finance and accounting operations.

You will be CPA/MBA

You must have some prior consumer products experience. Exposure to a start up business is preferred

You will have at least 8 years prior experience

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