Marketing Research Analyst (closed)

Melville, NY
$60,000 - $70,000+Bonus+Benefits compensation
Recruiter Comment: Leading Long Island based firm is looking for a Marketing Research Analyst. The person will gather/analyze data to assist marketing, and manage relationships with partners. Firm is located in Melville NY. Salary range is between $60K-$70K+Bonus+Benefits.
Job Description

Marketing Research Analyst

Leading Long Island based firm is looking for a Marketing Research Analyst for product management. This person will gather and analyze data to assist marketing, as well as manage relationships with strategic partners and internal customers. The position will be based out of Melville NY with a salary range is between $60,000 - $70,000 as well as a Bonus and Benefits. Please submit your resume in word format. All reasonable resumes will be responded to.


  • The role of the Marketing Research Analyst will be to collect, analyze and store information, as well as assisting in the planning, designing, programming, testing and implementation of various projects.   
  • Will collaborate with the functional areas of the business, including sales, customer support and marketing to gather data and communicate requirements, along with analyzing the market and industry reports.
  • Will create both financial and marketing models in PowerPoint presentations.
  • Relationship building is key to this role. Will manage various partners and internal customers successfully.
  • Deal with decision support, syndicate bench marking, and strategy research and technology investment.
  • Receive input from supervisor and appropriately and accurately applies comments/feedback; also proactively carries out project support/administrative functions.
  • Review research and secondary documents to deliver presentations.
  • Review documents and collaborate information for the business.
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