Computer Hardware Technician (closed)

Queens Village, NY
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Job Description

High Profile Company is seeking a Computer Hardware Technician for their Queens, NY location to troubleshoot and repair various computer equipment and peripherals to the board level.  In this role you will:


Solder and use various hand tools and electronic test equipment to perform this work. 

Troubleshoot and repair all aspects of desktop computers and peripherals down to board level.  This position will require some heavy lifting of equipment from time to time.



A+ certification

Minimum of two (2) years troubleshooting and repair experience is required. (Must demonstrate the ability to troubleshoot electronic and computer systems on a workbench.)

Knowledgeable of Windows 98, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.

Ability to install and configure new hardware and software.

Ability to read schematics.

Networking and network cabling a plus.

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