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New York, NY
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Job Description

Job description:

Our client is a leading email marketing and internet services company.  We are looking for a great all-round salesperson for them who'll be able to guide their clients from their very first interest in email marketing through to closing the deal to becoming a highly-satisfied repeat user of their product.

In this role, you'll be working with numerous sources of sales leads as well as generating your own leads (cold calling).

You'll make the first contact, giving people the reassurance that for a web-based company, they are unusually hot on professional, person-to-person customer contact.

At times, you'll be helping people through their online demo and possibly answering some technical questions, so whilst a background in email marketing isn't essential, an awareness of its principles is beneficial as is experience of selling complex solutions (preferably internet based products) over the phone.

Who we're looking for:

A keen opportunity-spotter, you'll have the sense to recognise buying signals. To convert these people you will need a consultative approach, understanding where they can help their business, coupled with a natural negotiating and closing ability.

This company is serious about sales and service but relaxed about many other things. The successful candidate will walk in to an enjoyable working environment to go with an excellent salary and benefits package.


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