Administrative Director of Nursing - CHHA - 220K (closed)

New York, NY
$220,000 compensation
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Job Description

Leading Home Care Agency seeks an Administrative Director of Nursing to plan, organize and steer the functions of their Certified Home Care Agency (CHHA).

Essential Functions:                                                                                                     
• Plans, organizes and directs all functions of certified home health agency.
• Ensures that all records and reports required by the State are completed, reviewed and submitted.
• Oversees review of company policies and procedures at least annually, in coordination with the Chief Clinical Officer. Ensures implementation of company policies and procedures.
• Responsible for the overall supervision of all staff. Ensures orientation, evaluation and continuing education for all staff.
• Secures and approves contracts for service not directly provided by the company, when appropriate for ensuring quality patient care.
• In conjunction with administration, implements and oversees an effective budgeting and accounting system.
• Develops, enforces and maintains company communication methods which ensure coordinated implementation of plans of treatment and utilization of services for comprehensive patient care.
• Ensures the accuracy of public information materials and activities.
• Develops and implements a program of educating physicians and community members regarding home health services.
• Uses effective leadership skills to motivate and support staff in the development of a cohesive team.
• Demonstrates analytical thinking, resourcefulness and innovation in solving problems and making decisions which affect staff.
• Demonstrates a proactive approach to managing change and meeting new challenges.
• Communicates clearly, effectively and in an organized manner.
• Demonstrates knowledge of current quality improvement methodology.  Handles necessary employee discipline fairly and objectively, in consultation with the Human Resources Department.
• Provides thorough, objective and timely 90-day and annual staff performance appraisals for all staff directly supervised. 
• Makes appropriate hiring and/or termination recommendations and notifies the Recruiting Department of staffing needs.   
• Maintains positive relationships with patients, family members and physicians.
• Documents interactions with patients, caregivers, doctors and other staff members appropriately.

• Licensed Registered Nurse
• At least five years of progressive leadership management a Certified Home Care Agency (CHHA)
• Bachelors Degree required
• Masters Degree preferred

Please fax or email resume to: 
Joshua Albucker 
Senior Vice President 
PRIDE Health 
420 Lexington Avenue, Suite 2220 
New York, NY 10170 
212-235-5355 (direct) 
212-599-3427 (fax)    

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