BSA Compliance Officer

New York, NY
$85 to $90K compensation
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Job Description

Prestigious banking institution seeks a BSA Compliance Officer to ensure the bank maintains an effective BSA/AML compliance focus in conjunction with regulatiry requirements and best practices.  Candidates will be responsible for OFAC, FINCEN, KYC due diligence, Politically Exposed Checks and other other governing regulations.  This associate will conduct all necessary checks and balances for new customers in addition to existing customers to verify all required documentation is satisifed.  Associate will review daily reports on clients in high profile countries.  This role will also include working with technology to test new system enhancements and assist with system upgrades.                        

Candidates should possess five to seven years experience with BSA/AML/OFAC compliance within a banking institution.  Bachelors Degree srtongly suggested.  Excellent communication skills and the ability to work with senior level management to present findings.  Qualified resumes to                     
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