SME Business Development Manager (closed)

New York, NY
A blend of salary, sales commissions and bonuses will be offered, including health benefits options. compensation
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Job Description
SME Business Development Manager

PHILOSOPHY: Understands the SME brand, its history, legacy and where it needs to go for continued, greater success. Understands SME's position in the marketplace, our capabilities, what industries we serve and how our "We Build Brands" philosophy activates not only in the sales and marketing process, but also once clients are engaged. The Business Development Manager at SME understands the firms financial goals and is deeply committed to achieving / exceeding those goals.

PERSONALITY: No challenge to great. Positive, yes attitude, hard working and determined, ability to work with many team members and within an exciting, growth and goal oriented agency to achieve personal, business and organizational goals. Creative, out of the box approach to marketing, outreach, follow up.  Fosters a culture of winning and success. Celebrates victories.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Specifically, this position needs to promote sales growth (organic/geometric) through the company network as well as the network of the principals.

Reports directly to the Senior Partner, tangentially to the Managing Partner and other Partners.

The Business Development Manager at SME is responsible for supporting the firm in organizing market outreach, database management, direct email campaign concept and development and knowledge of market buying cycles across all industries served.

Through these outreach efforts, the Business Development Manager at SME is expected to set meetings with high level prospects to enable partners to sell through and close.

Provide discipline and empirical measurements of success and accountability in order to achieve financial goals. Administration of weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual performance / financial goal and progress reporting.

Management of SME's marketing tools such as, SME NOW, and all our social media channels - YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. required.

Establish protocols for client retention and post engagement satisfaction measurement through various CRM tools.

EXPERIENCE: The abstract nature of our goods and services requires that candidates for this position have a minimum of 2-3 years within the business development department of a branding, marketing, digital, social media and/or advertising agency.

SKILLS: Excellent writing skills a must. Fluency in Mac programs such as Word, Indesign, Xcel required.

COMPENSATION: A blend of salary, sales commissions and bonuses will be offered, including health benefits options.

HOW TO GET HIRED: Finalists will be required to provide an outline of a robust, 3-year sales and marketing plan, including financial milestones.  Winner will be hired to execute the plan.   

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