PERSONAL LINE BROKER … QUEENS…SALARY $30,000 -45,000 + 100% paid family medical (closed)

Queens, NY
$30-45,000 compensation
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PERSONAL LINE BROKER  … QUEENS…SALARY  $30,000 -45,000 + 100% paid family medical

 Candidates must have at brokers License and be able to quote and bind with several carriers. Applied computer experience is a plus


You must have insurance brokerage or agency experience to be considered for this position

To get the best result email  your resume to & immediately call me at 800-833-2250 between 8AM and 9PM any day of the week

Fred Gorman

Gorman Insurance Personnel Consultants

96 Empress Pines, Nesconset, NY 11767

9-5 call 631-588-4200 or  24/7 call 800-833-2250


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