Media Analyst (closed)

New York, NY
$35,000 - $55,000 compensation
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Media Analyst

We want you if, your thirst for knowledge and experience in the digital advertising market has given you a deep understanding of the many functioning parts of a given ad campaign. You have experience as a digital media buyer working across the RTB landscape, including DSPs and trading desks.


You've obviously got an analytical mind and love being nose-deep in data sets, but you are also personable and able to talk to clients.


You'll be responsible for monitoring campaign performance and evaluating different factors such as cost, demographics, geographies, and personality attributes relating to the advertiser's objectives. You will also need to generate optimization recommendations to help ensure that ad campaigns reach targeted audiences.


Job Description:

  • Stay on top of market trends in the space, discovering new products and ways to position current products to drive revenue
  • Working within RTB platforms to buy space and optimize campaigns
  • Analyze data at the campaign and category levels (i.e. historical data of all campaigns by common industries, goals, etc.).
  • Communicate internally (educate Sales staff on what's new!) and externally (build proposals and decks for clients)
  • Work with the sales team to perform research, identify campaign goals, prepare sales proposals, and make recommendations.
  • Assist in preparing client-facing campaign summaries.



  • You have experience with media buying, selling, optimizing or reporting digital advertising, preferably with an agency trading desk.
  • Intimate knowledge of Microsoft Excel ( know pivot tables).
  • Detail-oriented bent on reducing error.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, full of initiative, and ready to roll up your sleeves.
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills.

Degree from a 4-year university, or equivalent institution

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