Contract Management Specialist, Government Department (closed)

Muscat, Oman
Competitive package compensation
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Job Description
Position Description

Our client is a Government Department in the Sultanate of Oman.

The Contracts Management Specialist is responsible for developing, maintaining and on-going management of sourcing and outsourcing contracts. The Contracts Management Specialist is also responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with vendors and suppliers, participating in developing contracts and RFPs for various divisions, negotiating contracts, and managing the on-going changes and updates to existing contracts.

Main responsibilities:
• Developing and maintaining standard sourcing and outsourcing contracts as well as other sourcing templates such as RFPs while conducting regular reviews of templates and existing contracts as directed by Director Contract Management
• Managing, reviewing and administering contracts with contractors and service providers on regular and irregular basis including terms and conditions, modifications (change control), penalties/incentives ...etc. according to sourcing strategy and management standards
• Ensure that contracts are updated as per agreed changes
• Liaise with contractors and service providers on contract management matters in particular in relation to outsourced deals and continuously monitor and measure their performance and conformance to contracts
• Assist in the development and maintenance of sourcing and outsourcing benchmarking database to be utilized in verifying investment proposals and negotiating pricing with contractors and service providers
• Participate in developing a unified Sourcing Strategy for our client with strong focus on outsourcing and ensure that the sourcing strategy is applied to negotiated contracts
• Apply Sourcing Management processes, procedures and practices on contracts developed for our clients divisions and ensuring alignment of contracts to deal performance criteria while also ensuring that other divisions compliance to same
• Provide assistance and advice on sourcing to this Department and to other government organizations while liaising with Service Delivery Managers to ensure they understand key contractual positions relating to service performance and scope
• Apply relationship management processes and procedures to relationships with contractors and service providers thus ensuring that all parties cooperate together to deliver on contracts and agreements
• Lead developing standard and outsourced deal’s contracts and tendering documents such as RFPs in cooperation with other divisions, internal and external legal advisors, and other stakeholders while ensuring that objectives and scope identified in approved business cases are reflected in developed contracts and that these contracts conform to our clients sourcing standards
• Lead negotiating deals and contracts with contractors and service providers including outsource deals in collaboration with other divisions
• Liaise with internal and external legal advisors as necessary to ensure that contracts are conforming to our clients legal requirements
• Participate whenever required in relevant sourcing committees and other contract and relationship management meetings with contractors and service providers

Professional Qualifications and Experience Required:
• Relevant university degree preferably in IT/business administration with minimum of 2 years of relevant experience in sourcing and outsourcing IT projects.
• Good understanding of legal aspects of contracts as well as general terms and conditions of contracts
• Business driven with understanding of business value of our clients Organisation
• Preferably with PMI project management certification
• Good organizational and analytical skills
• Strong knowledge of sourcing and outsourcing practices and processes
• Strong negotiations, communications and reporting skills
• Demonstrated experience in relationship and performance management with contractors and service providers 

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