Oncology Pharmacist (PharmD) - Long Island (closed)

New York, NY
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RE is searching for Oncology Pharmacists in Long Island

Summary:  The Oncology Pharmacy Specialist provides comprehensive, patient centric and safety-focused pharmaceutical care, including compounding and dispensing, to cancer patients in the out-patient oncology infusion center.  The candidate will work with physicians and other health care professionals to be accountable for optimal drug therapy outcomes in cancer patients.

Education of pharmacists, nurses, physicians, students and other health care professionals is expected along with participating in departmental and hospital committees and initiatives related to oncology.

Qualifications:  Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D.) degree from an accredited College of Pharmacy, licensed and registered as a pharmacist in the state of NY required.

Requires knowledge of accepted practices, procedures, regulations, and techniques applicable to the practice of an Oncology Hospital Pharmacist.

Experience in a progressive oncology setting is strongly desired. Completion of an ASHP accredited oncology residency or equivalent experience and/or Board Certification(or eligible)in oncology pharmacy practice(BCOP)is preferred.

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