Java Web Developer (closed)

New York, NY
$100K+ compensation
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Job Description

Exciting E-Commerce start-up needs an experienced Java Web Developer. We're looking for a candidate with senior level experience in Java, mySQL, Linux environment supporting hundreds of thousands of customers every day. The ideal candidate has a good sense of humor, laid back demeanor tempered with a competitive drive. This position has room for growth and plenty of variety, so you can expect to handle many challenging tasks. You will need to mentor other software developers and interact with senior managers.

- Java
- XML in all variations - SOAP, REST
- mySQL DB
- performance tuning
- robust design
- ecommerce transactions
- multiple complex partners feeds
- team leadership

- Java
- 4 plus years of intense Java Development.
- Fluency in Java-Related Technologies.
- Experience in Web Application Development.
- Familiar with Architecture, Memory, Caching, Web Services, SDK, Data Structures, Multi-Threading, etc.
- Real-time internet based systems (customer facing)
- High transactional volumes (scalability)
- Open source tools
- Application level DB design
- Team leadership

No relocation or sponsorship. 

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