Communications Engineer Level

New York, NY
Competitive compensation
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Job Description
  1. Description of Work:


a. Provide construction support services to various contracts managed by the Construction Manager and/or the Communications Program Area, as required


b. Review the following types of design submittals and drawings:  Cable plans; circuit drawings; equipment specifications; system and network design documents; installation drawings; test plans and reports.


c. The Consultant will monitor the contractor's progress, track expenditures, review

designs, inspect installations, prepare reports and presentations and attend project

and safety meetings as required.


d. The Consultant will prepare and submit a monthly progress report including the man hour utilization, problems and projected work.


e. The Consultant will also provide construction, close-out and post-closeout support services for the various contracts as follows:  Monitor the contractor's progress; track expenditures; review designs; inspect installations; prepare reports and presentations; attend project and safety meetings as required.


f. Review the following types of construction submittals and drawings:  Shop Drawings, catalog cuts, Requests for Information, Punch list, Close-out and As-built drawings.


g. Visit the site during construction to determine if the equipment is being

installed in accordance with the Contract Documents.


h. Support the construction manager for timely resolution of field installation



i. Close-out and Post closeout activities not already covered above.


  1. Qualifications Requirements:   Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering


  1. Experience Requirements:


a. A minimum of ten years overall experience in the design and construction of

communications engineering technology. A masters degree may be substituted for experience.


c. A broad knowledge of PLC's communications, fiber optics, computer networking and software;


d. Must be proficient in the use of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook;


i. Carrier -grade fiber optic network design, structured cabling infrastructure design, Customer/Station information management system design; including: Public Address(PA) systems, Customer information Signage (CIS), CCTV and Help Point Intercom (HPI) systems, Fire Alarm & Life Safety Systems Design, Security Systems design including Intrusion/Access Control (lAC) systems, radio system including baseband and RF interfaces;


  1. Special Skills/Training Requirements:


a. Must have safety shoes.



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