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Entry Level Sales $30k Base + Benefits

New York, NY
$30,000 compensation
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Job Description

Professional Services Sales & Management Training

Workbridge Associates is a unique technology recruiting firm that’s shaking up the recruitment and placement industry nationwide.  We help the hottest companies in nine high-tech cities stay fully staffed with the best technical talent around. We do it through a modern, high-touch client recruiting approach, and through being diligent about recruiting the right people into our own company as well.

Today, right now, we need to bring new sales talent into our New York City operation. The technology market in NYC is booming, and to make the most of it, we need to expand.


When you visit Workbridge Associates, you’ll see a lot of energetic, ambitious, social people working together to achieve something extraordinary.  It’s fast-paced, noisy at times, and it seems like a million things are happening at once.  It’s never boring.  Amazing things are happening.

Serious Opportunity

Everyone at Workbridge (all the way up to the CEO) started their career here by reading an ad just like this one. We all started as Sales & Management Trainees. We train our people very well, encourage them to excel, and reward their success aggressively.  We’re led by the people who show themselves to be the best at their job, regardless of age or seniority.  Not many companies offer the same early opportunity to build a business as we do, but that’s our secret sauce. At Workbridge Associates, we celebrate success, and we work crazy hard to make everybody here as successful as possible.

Now to be fair, a job at Workbridge isn’t for everybody. But for the right sort of person, working here is a perfect way to kick off an extraordinarily successful business career.

The Right Person for this job

The people who tend to do well at Workbridge Associates are:

  • Ambitious, motivated, & career-driven
  • Outgoing & social, the kind of people who make new friends easily
  • Good communicators: in-person, on the phone, and in writing
  • Positively-minded, team-oriented and “coachable” for personal improvement
  • Eager to work hard to achieve their goals

We also require:

  • A bachelor’s degree
  • A demonstrated interest and ability with social media
  • A fundamental understanding of how search works online
  • An interest in the latest technological trends and ideas
  • A sincere interest in a career in sales


 How to Apply

It’s easy to apply. Just email resume and a cover letter referencing this ad to:

Shani Snead

Marketing Specialist NYC

(212) 271-5100


About Workbridge Associates

Workbridge Associates is a nationwide contingency recruiting firm employing nearly 300 recruiters and generating over $50 million in annual sales. We specialize in the hiring and placement of open-source and .NET engineers; front-end developers; and network managers and engineers. We generate breakthrough recruitment results through lean management techniques, a focus on client relationships, and a unique team-based recruitment approach. Our offices are in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Newport Beach, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, and Washington, DC.

Workbridge Associates is part of the Motion Recruitment Partners family of innovative recruitment companies.

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