Director Level Biology R&D Grant Strategist GTA (closed)

Toronto, ON Canada
Commensurate with experience compensation
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Job Description

Director Level Biology R&D Grant Strategist
Our Toronto client is part of a leading North American agency, which supports funding of  basic and applied biological research and development. At this time, they require a strong, capable leader to steward their strategies, processes, knowledge translation, and policies for a large scale ongoing research program, broad scale in scope, not limited to the GTA.
The ideal person could be a trained biological scientist, with project strong management and organization skills, well able to interact with C-level scientists.
S/he will also have experience developing and augmenting a framework for designing the organization's strategy, infrastructures, and processes so that the organization can use what it knows to learn and to create value for its members, grantees, volunteers, subject matter experts, and community (knowledge management). KM also requires the translation into a working program, linked to excellent communication of process and change and outcome to all stakeholders, up to the Board and including government and healthcare bodies.
Additionally, s/he will working at a senior level, supervising an experienced grant team, overseeing peer review operations, and all communications.
M.Sc./ Ph.D.  Biological sciences/ health policy/ healthcare management background very beneficial.
Grant program strategy/ process management background key.
Visionary with respect to where the most effective use of R&D fits into the organizational strategy.
5 years' management in the NFP (not for profit), charity, or public sectors.
Peer review, financial analysis experience.
Computer literate with strong problem solving ability.
Excellent communication skills - presentations, knowledge dissemination, knowledge translation.
Clear understanding of the present and future potential of the effective use of social media, digital strategies to communicate,  to bring various stakeholders together, and to share knowledge in a way that builds strength, and how to build a durable informatics type infrastructure.
Able to promote strong positive interaction between grantees, subject matter experts, applicants, volunteers, government.
Capable of leading teams, including senior managers.
Executive type, confident person, used to dealing with C level people, senior scientists, other leaders.
******NOT someone who has written a grant proposal or received a grant or done grant administration for a research institute or hospital.

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