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New York, NY
$100K range, plus bonus, options, etc. compensation
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Job Description

I have an amazing spot for a Product Manager in NYC, with a killer company, who is playing to win.  They are having explosive growth and therefore it is a great time to get on board to enjoy the ride.

I am looking for a ROCK STAR, someone with great energy and passion - and I loved your background. This is a senior spot who reports to the senior management.  I need someone who can lead products from cradle to grave, who loves to mentor and is full of ideas, and is always looking at the NEXT BEST WAY to HAVE FUN with technologies.

So now, here is some more detail - the Team is amazing, driven, hungry, entrepreneurial thinkers. The CTO wants to conquer the world and have fun doing it. They have grown from $5M to about $60M+ in just a few short years.

I am definitely looking for a leader and visionary…..

Someone who loves organizing all the best practices and procedures to launch great  iOS and iPad type apps and do so managing budgets and timeline, with the highest in quality as well.

  • Someone who loves diving into a product and getting into the mind of the customers that use it.
  • Someone who want to have a hand in the future of the products.
  • Someone who wants to join a startup that’s leading its field.
  • Someone who can bring the future of reading digital fun into an amazing set of publisher and creator tools.

Before I get too far into the day to day role, here are a few KEY/MUST HAVES – if this is you, please send me your resume and salary requirements and we can chat in much more detail: 

  • Someone who has a proven track/ historical record of launches
  • Someone who understands how to put together a roadmap that bring user experiences to an all-time high
  • Someone who has a portfolio of iOS/iPad apps that they have managed the process from soup to nuts
  • Someone who can steward the brand and run a flagship department through future versions
  • Someone who has experience dealing with the intricacies of organizing a large library of paper data and exposing that to the customer in a digital      format


Thanks so much and have a great day!!


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