Middle School Director (closed)

New York, NY
$90k compensation
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An existing charter school in NYC is about to add on their 6th grade class in Fall of 2013.

They are actively recruiting for a Director for the Middle School!!

 Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Middle School Development
• Recruit and select a team of teachers and support staff;
• Ensure strategic management of the middle school, including:
o Annual school review, including analysis of student achievement data;
o Annual school development plan consistent with the school’s charter contract;
o Monthly reporting to the Executive Director and the Board of Directors;
• Utilize ethical and motivational leadership appropriate to the cultural and political context in which the school
• Develop and implement school policies;
• Build professional internal and external relations with the board, donors and local community demonstrating
the school is well managed and in legal compliance with the charter contract;
• Ensure that the leadership and board are aware of any potential legal issues.
Learning and Teaching
• Ensure high levels of student achievement and learning through rigorous and engaging classes;
• Build a shared vision among all teachers of skillful instruction;
• Lead the on-going improvement of teaching through a variety of strategies, including:
o Lesson observations;
o Regular use of data;
o Collaborative planning and inquiry;
o Regular program of training;
o Coaching and mentoring;
• Systematically use formative assessment data to guide learning support and drive instruction, curriculum, and
professional development;
• Build a curriculum that is aligned with the Common Core Standards and is rich and engaging;
• Create a scaffolded program of responsive support in English and Math for students who are below expected
levels in these subjects;
• Build strong and responsive special education programming to ensure success in school for students with
special needs, including compliance with special education laws;
• Collaborate with the rest of the leadership team to create extended school day activities.


• Understanding of and commitment to the mission, goals, educational philosophy
• Bachelor’s Degree required;
• Bilingual English/Spanish preferred;
• Strong classroom experience;
• Teacher leadership or out-of-the-classroom leadership experience preferred;
• Great at problem-solving;
• Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with faculty, staff, peers and parents.


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