Entry Level Oil Rig Roustabout ($54,500) Per Year

New York, NY
($54,500) Per Year compensation
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Job Description

Entry Level Oil Rig Roustabout ($54,500) Per Year;
 This is an entry level position with room for advancement to Roughneck.
 main duties include guiding the crane as loads are moved about the deck, supplying equipment to the rig floor as requested and keeping pipe deck and main deck areas clean and tidy. Will also assist Roughnecks on the drill floor when required. This usually only happens when the Roughnecks are too busy to get a meal break. The Roustabout will get his meal, then go to the drill floor allowing one Roughneck to get his break. Then each Roughneck swaps out until everyone has eaten. Roustabouts are often members of the stretcher party.
 Experience in Welding, Scaffolding, Radio Operations, Medic, Painting is a plus.
 Please Send Your Resume to http://www.rigemployment.com

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