Java Framework Developer

New York, NY
120.000 - 150,000 compensation
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Job Description

The person will be joining a small group of developers working on a next generation Java framework. The framework is being developed for immediate use by the portfolio trading business; however, longer term, use will expand to other parts of the Equities business. The group is part of a key initiative to re-architect the existing portfolio trading platform which has high visibility. The working environment is dynamic and challenging but at the same time fun and rewarding.            




Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for design, architecture and development of Java framework to be used as the foundation for the next generation trading platform. Work in a small group to implement a framework that provides distributed object state management, transactions, high availability, persistence, and is also efficient and scalable. Must thoroughly understand the complexities involved with distributed computing and transaction management.



Requires 5-7 years of development experience.

Requires a BS or an MS degree in computer science or other engineering degree.

Knowledge of latest technology trend (e.g. real-time java, model driven development, high performance computing) highly desirable.

Must have great programming and problem solving skills.

Must be a self starter and be able to deal with flexible requirements and changing priorities.



Experience in the financial industry helpful but not required.

Leadership skill a definite plus.

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