Senior Recruiting Manager

New York, NY
$75,000-$95,000 + Bonus compensation
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Job Description


The Senior Recruiting Manager will lead efforts to find the appropriate talent for retained executive searches. S/he will partner with management to guide the research process as well as perform initial candidate outreach, candidate interviews, and the presentation of candidates to clients. The Manager will eventually be expected to bring new ideas to the business in regards to search methodologies and the overall recruiting effort. S/he will have the opportunity to learn about all aspects of the operations of a leading retained executive search firm, including exposure to the staffing functions of Fortune 500 companies. The opportunity for growth into a leadership position will be available to an individual who shows exceptional professionalism and performance. This role will be highly visible to the Managing Partners of the Marymont Group in New York City.


  • Manage the recruiting process for specific retained search assignments to ensure the presentation of qualified candidates to clients within a defined timeline
  • Partner with Marymont management to guide the internal research team to develop, implement, and continually adjust search strategies throughout the recruitment process
  • Perform the initial candidate outreach, background reviews, and candidate interviews to source and vet a candidate pool that exceeds client expectations
  • Develop an intimate knowledge of Marymont search operations and play an integral role in leading a culture of continuous improvement
  • Develop key questions that will inform the research and marketing strategy for the role and manage client interactions with the highest professionalism
  • Ensure that the database is continually updated with the most accurate candidate information to accurately reflect search process flow
  • Gain a solid understanding of our client industries, including specific information regarding the competitive landscape, products, and organizational structures
  • Perform/oversee the final preparation of a variety of documents for client presentation
  • Play an integral role in a team-based approach to create business development meeting materials and documents for other strategic initiatives
  • Participate in strategic projects designed to provide leadership opportunities for women and people of color and enable our client organizations to have more diverse workforces
  • Maintain current awareness of issues associated with key client engagements and maintain a pro-active approach to search process execution


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