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Phoenix, AZ
15.00 per hour compensation
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Company is going through a large conversion and will need individuals for approximately 24 hours per week and then will go to full time during the GO LIVE for two weeks.  The super user serves as a technical resource during end user training and provides support during GO-LIVE for two weeks on the unit/department supporting the staff in the use of the Electronic Health Record (Epic).  You will be trained to become a super user.



  • Super users are involved in various aspects of the implementation process role.


  • The super user position is a temporaryassignment that provides each department with end user support during and after go-live. Serves as a resource to end users who have application questions, and acts as a training liaison for front-line staff.
  • During training, super users partner with the trainer to answer questions and help end users navigate JCLConnect. They also provide valuable support during the first few weeks of go-live.
  • Knowledge of the application and workflows enhance the super user’s ability to assist with training and implementation support.



  • Super users must participate in a 2-week training program in (Epic Application) and successfully pass a competency assessment with a score of >80%. 



  • Super users assist during the Workflow Walkthrough. Participation provides super users with the opportunity to build a solid understanding of the workflows. This process also allows the super user to contribute to the system design.


  • Super users will be involved in workflow confirmation, refining test scripts, testing scenarios, and application testing.


  • With a training overview they are able to test the system from a real-life perspective and increase their application knowledge.


  • Super users participate in “dress rehearsal” across the organization. He/she can help make sure items such as printers are functioning properly.  


  • The super user is the main source of go-live support. (Time commitment – 2 weeks FT and 2 additional weeks PT).  Utilizing super users in the classroom will improve his/her knowledge of the software, as well as, help them to answer the frequently asked questions.





  • Computer competency
  • Ability to troubleshoot
  • Strong people skills (help motivate peers)
  • Strong belief in the goal of installing Epic
  • General understanding of workflows
  • Super users are often most successful when their roles match those of the users they assist in training and support




24 hours a week except need full-time weeks of August 11-25


June 18 – 23:  Super User Training (10-20 hours in training & practice)

June 24 – August 10:  24 hours/week

August 11 – 25:  40 hours helping end users

August 27 – Sept 8:  20 hours


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