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Director of Development & Communications - Samaritan Inns - DC (closed)

Washington, DC
Recruiter Comment: Fundraising whiz? New opportunity:

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Job Description

Washington, DC has the country’s highest rates of substance abuse and addiction, and Samaritan Inns has one of the country’s highest rates of helping people recover from substance abuse and addiction.  Over 90% of the men and women who finish our program remain drug and alcohol free a year after they complete the program – 99% sustain full-time employment; 99% have their own home/apartment, and over 90% report improved family relations. Samaritan Inns is “Where Hope Begins.” 


Samaritan Inns is helping people who have literally found themselves enslaved by chemicals so that they are able to find freedom.  We have a unique Recovery Continuum, with three phases:  a 28-day intensive recovery program, a transitional living program, and a single room occupancy independent living program.  In the past three decades, over 12,000 men and women transformed their lives through our program.  We have watched the transformation take place first hand – from the person who comes in the door, who is tattered and down on themselves, to the person who is now looking good, smiling and developing self-confidence, to the person who is ready to leave the program and be independent and who is humbly grateful and ready to give back.  Samaritan Inns is home to over 400 men and women each year. 

Samaritan Inns’ mission is to provide structured housing and recovery service in an environment of support and accountability that will give homeless and addicted men and women the opportunity to rebuild their lives.  We began in 1985 out of the ministry of the Church of the Savior.  A Christian-based organization, Samaritan Inns is reflective of the Christ-told parable of the “Good Samaritan” and has buildings named after Biblical characters:  “Lazarus,” “Elisha,” and “Tabitha.”  Prayer is an important part of life at Samaritan Inns:  there is prayer before staff meetings, one-on-one prayer around specific needs, group prayer sessions, and prayer is an active part of our Step-up Celebrations (a quarterly celebration that recognizes men and women who have completed the intensive recovery program). There are also Bible devotion activities at staff retreats and conducted by weekend monitors with clients (a recent survey indicted 95% of the residents desire regular Bible study). Integrating faith into our culture is integral to our successes.


Executive Overview


As the Director of Development and Communications for Samaritan Inns, you will have the primary responsibility for leading our fundraising efforts.  In this role, you will take your passion for serving the poor, build upon our small but faithful donor base, and increase giving across all aspects of fundraising (primarily individual giving, and also major gifts, foundation support, corporate sponsorships, and special events).  We recently completed our three-year strategic plan – our fundraising goals are ambitious.  In year one, you will be responsible for increasing giving from 1MM to 1.3MM; and by the conclusion of year three, we anticipate that total fundraising efforts will grow to a sustainable level of 1.875MM (which doesn’t include an anticipated launch of an estimated 2MM capital campaign).  

The success and continued growth of our programs hinges on the success of our fundraising efforts – for every dollar we raise, 86 cents directly supports the programs, services, and affordable housing in our Recovery Continuum.  We serve the community that we live in and our fundraising efforts are focused within the local community. You will work closely with leadership to identify referrals and resources, and from there, you will research and canvas additional prospects. You will work closely with an engaged and enthusiastic Board that is invested in the fundraising goals for the organization, and you will report to and work in tandem with the President/CEO regarding all fundraising activities. You will also have the resources of two talented Development Associates, each of whom will look to your guidance and mentorship as they continue to develop professionally and grow their careers. 

During your first year, we anticipate that you will grow individual giving from our current base of 350 to 500; that you will increase major gift giving from 40 to 50 donors; and that you will increase  the number of 10K or greater gifts to greater than five. You will work closely with donors and build trust with large donors, corporate donors, and foundations. You will increase foundation awards from 15 to 20, as well as corporate sponsorships from 20 to 30.  You will evaluate our current data management system and create processes and templates that will sustain our current donor base and support our growth (we use eTapestry). You will manage and direct all communications, marketing and appeals (including website activities, blogs, e-blasts, and traditional mailings).  You will monitor trends, track our progress, and generate reports for the Board and executive leadership as needed (typically on a quarterly basis).   


Responsibilities of the Director of Development and Communications


In this role, you will: 

  • Collaboratively lead and develop our development strategy and create strategies to ensure the strength and growth of Samaritan Inns programs.
  • Work closely with the CEO and the Board – currently, Board members are engaged at varying levels, and we will rely on your leadership and direction to staff the Board appropriately and guide them through the fundraising process.
  • Increase financial support of our programs and events.  Ramp up funding across all areas of fundraising, including: individual giving, major gifts (five-and-six figure relationships), corporate relations and sponsorships, foundations, direct mail, and events.
  • Manage a smooth functioning, efficient fundraising department.
  • Manage overall long-range planning.  Manage quarterly reporting and track progress and long-term strategy periodically with the CEO.
  • Manage the development department in a fiscally sound manner to ensure that the appropriate systems, staffing, and procedures support fundraising goals.
  • Establish a high performing development team (including team and individual target goals).
  • Oversee volunteer functions.
  • Oversee effective communications and marketing functions.

Essential Experience, Technical Skills, and Competencies of the Director of Development and Communications

  • Five to ten years’ related experience in implementing and managing donor relationships.  Experience developing strategy and tracking to organizational goals preferred.
  • Three or more years of supervisory and organizational leadership.
  • Project management skills, including implementing and tracking campaigns and programs.
  • Experience with donor cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship.
  • Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously and meet deadlines.
  • Experience with individual giving (direct mail and appeals), major gifts, foundation awards, corporate sponsorships, and capital campaigns.
  • Experience in both restricted and unrestricted fundraising techniques. 
  • Superior written and verbal communication skills.
  • Confident, professional, and engaging presentation style.
  • Working knowledge of documenting visits, writing briefings, major gift proposals and reports, as well as familiarity with fundraising software.
  • Proficiency in all Microsoft Office programs (including Outlook, Word, Excel) and ideally, membership databases (we use eTapestry).
  • Experience in developing a budget and tracking and measuring results.
  • A four-year degree is required for consideration.
  • Local travel is required.

Attributes of the Director of Development and Communications

  • Champion for the mission:  You understand the big picture, know what is important to donors and what best serves the mission. You are a visible advocate, enthusiastically representing all of the Samaritan Inns programs and initiatives.
  • Creative with a “can-do” attitude:  You are energized by the challenge of building successful ongoing fundraising campaigns.  You understand the mission, you think about what’s possible, and you implement solutions. 
  • Ethical and honest:  You approach fundraising and communications with a focus on unwavering integrity and ethical practices that support our programs and the organization’s growth.
  • Self-assured, direct, and ego-less:  You are self-confident, open to feedback, comfortable with peer review, and offer unflinching support for your colleagues.
  • Team player:  You work well at all levels within an organization, with internal and external constituents alike.  You naturally bring out the best in people as you build trust and buy-in from both colleagues and donors alike.
  • Politically astute: You are able to understand, respect, and appreciate the challenges and constraints that colleagues, board members, and donors may be facing, and you are able to confidently guide and direct them.
  • Collegial:  You are known for your poise, tact, and diplomacy.
  • Highly organized and methodical:  You know what’s expected of you, and you plan carefully to ensure your results.
  • Flexible:  You take on new challenges with a sense of resolute focus on the future. You easily shift gears, reprioritize, and stay focused on key priorities.
  • Accountable:  You are impeccable with your word and consistent with your follow-through. You are known for how you ‘get things done.’
  • Flawless fundraiser:  You understand the critical importance in the ‘little details.’  Whether it’s making sure a thank you is personally addressed or a Board member is appropriately staffed, you take pride in exceeding others’ expectations.

What’s Attractive to the Right Candidate?

  • You have the opportunity to build a critical development function that is essential to creating long-term sustainability as we grow and expand our programs.  Your experience, opinions, and expertise are valued. What you bring to the table is vital to our success.
  • The mission drives the money – you have the power to put the mission first, attract the dollars, and build relationships with those who have a direct interest in the mission.
  • You can take pride in knowing that your efforts have a substantial, positive impact on the individual, their recovery, and on our immediate community – medical, law enforcement, and detox-related expenses for homeless and addicted men and women in the District of Columbia cost taxpayers $40,000 annually per individual.  In contrast, Samaritan Inns spends just $4,200 for every individual in our program.  Employment of Samaritan Inns residents results in $2 million contributed back to the community on an annual basis.
  • You will work directly with a CEO/President and a Board that want to engage in fundraising.
  • We are an organization with significant growth opportunities.  You will have the ability to spread yourprofessional wings – the development activities are yours to manage and create, sustain and build, from start to finish. You will like who you work with -- supportive, respectful, energetic development staff and a collegial team of passionate and committed colleagues who are dedicated to our mission.  We work and win together -- none of us can create these successes on our own.

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