HR Manager

New York, NY
$80,000.00 compensation
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Job Description

HR Policy work :Acomprehensive review of the firm’s current HR practices is required, includedbut not limited to: audit of employeerecords and personnel files, hiring practices, holiday, sick, vacation policy,background checks, general employment/employee relations practices, benefits,and internal equity within our pay structures. The goal is to ensure that our policies and practices are both marketcompetitive and administered fairly and consistently across the company. The HR audit applies to the company’s staffas well as for the staff in which we hire and engage with on behalf of ourclients. This will likely include thedevelopment and implementation of a HR Legal Training module for in-housestaff.

Benefits Administration:Review of currentbenefit plan design and recommendations for upgrading the current level ofbenefits in order to attract and retain top talent in today’s market.

Compensation: Review and analysis of current compensationpractices. The Sr. HRG will partner withan external compensation specialist on the design, development andimplementation of new compensation programs and structures across thecompany. This includes a recommendationfor pay adjustments that are both fair to staff and affordable for thecompany. (Note: Selection my not berequired given we are already engaged in a search for this resource)

PerformanceManagement: In order tostrengthen the firm’s capabilities, we envision the implementation of acomprehensive Performance Management Solution that encompasses the design anddevelopment of a robust peer review feedback process, training and educationfor management and staff and the implementation of a system/process to ease theadministration of the process as well as improve the consistency and quality offeedback delivered to our staff.

TalentAcquisition and Assimilation: As we continue togrow our business, the design and development of a comprehensive hiring processand new hire onboarding process is required. This includes sourcing, interviewing and selection, logistics andadministration as well as new hire training, education and relationshipdevelopment with others in the firm. o support ourrestructuring and process improvement efforts,partner with leadership and management consultant to ensure the following: all jobs in the new organization design are welldefined, leveled & titled appropriately; people in the company are fairlyevaluated against the new job requirements; a skillgap analysis is performed; selection decisions are made based upon following afair and objective process; and new roles and responsibilities are effectively communicated.

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