RN Field Technician (closed)

Orlando, FL
55,000-60,000 compensation
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Job Description

Job Title: Field Technician
Job Department (Functional Area): Clinical Field Services
Position Summary:
The Field Technician is responsible for overseeing surgical cases. He or she will be responsible for case
management including but not limited to supplying sterile disposables and company equipment for surgeries,
aiding the ORstaff in instrument preparation and is expected to operate products or provide guidance and
support for product use. The Field Technician is expected to plan, manage and oversee their individual
caseloads to ensure they are available for all scheduled cases and for the duration of each case.
Essential Responsibilities:
• Management of cases: ensure appropriate product/inventory is provided and utilized, assist OR
staff in product preparation when necessary and remain available throughout the entire procedure
• Report all product complaints and failures to the quality department in a timely manner
• Responsible for knowing and following hospital regulations
• Responsible for providing high quality services and ensuring clients are satisfied
• Responsible for following company pricing and invoicing procedures
• Provide feedback from the field to management in an effort to improve field services
• Responsible for recording all scheduled cases in the company's CRM
General Responsibilities:
• May be required to maintain good communication with the surgeons office and obtain weekly
surgery schedules
• Maintain good relationships and communication with sales reps
Job Requirements:
• Must be a licensed or certified medical professional (RN,LVN)
• 2 or more years of operating room experience or clinical experience
• Working knowledge of surgical environment
Required to display extreme professionalism and confidentiality at all times
• Strong working knowledge of all company product and inventory
• Ability to work autonomously and without direct supervision
• Ability to multi-task, troubleshoot and implement resolutions
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Ability to stand for extended periods of time in OR
• Strong working knowledge in medical science fields and experience in clinical studies
• Ability to create relationships with physician and facility providers
• Ability to adapt to a variety of work environments

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