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Job Description

The Off Market Association is Seeking Members/Area Managers to work in Distressed Assets, Commercial Lending, SBA Lending, Micro Lending.

We are seeking experienced Commercial Real Estate experts, Bankers, Finance experts, Consultants, Attorneys, Accountants and others. Members are provided access to the platforms of Sunovis Financial and Genesis Capital for dealmaking.
It offers a fresh and exciting concept to its members a new way to get deals done as well as two online universities to expand knowledge and be competitive.

DEAL-MAKING. Plain and simple, our mission is to help members earn money through closing deals or referring the parties to the transactions.This includes not only commercial real estate, but bank notes and REO sales; referrals of smaller banks to introduce the lucrative SBA loans and full service support; referrals of small business clients who need an SBA loan; referrals for other types of lending, including micro loans and “nearly bankable” deals; and much more. We provide a Virtual Back Office to our Members. A point & Click to more places to get deals done.

About The Off Market Association

The Off Market Association provides a unique and historic opportunity for real estate and finance professionals to join and work as Area Managers. We provide a powerful network of companies.

The Off Market Association (OMA) brings together experienced commercial real estate experts, bankers, finance experts, consultants, attorneys, accountants and others. Members have access to the platforms of Sunovis Financial,Genesis Capital and Lending Circle for dealmaking, education and referring parties to the transaction.

The company reveals a recent report that focuses on the value that professional organizations bring to their members entitled;
3 Reasons Why Professional Associations Matter: Value Underlined....Read The Full Report

What is OMA Off Market Association


Tony Walker
Senior Member Specialist

Off Market Association OMA
Genesis Capital/Sunovis Financial
Direct: (415) 506-9644
Fax: (415) 963-3537
101 California Street, Suite 2450
San Francisco, California 94111




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