New York, NY
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Job Description
Job Name          Executive Assistant

Successful candidate will have 7+ years experience in an administrative support or similar role. Prior experience supporting director or other high level executives is required. Supports executives and administrative staff in general office duties and defers all significant decision making to management. Requires a high level of professionalism and business etiquette. Due to the confidential and sensitive nature of information to which the Executive Assistant may be exposed, discretion is required. Position calls for initiative, independence, and compliance. Must be able to learn quickly and to engage in a number of detailed tasks at once. Must have strong flexibility in regard to the duties assigned, and the hours necessary to complete them. Prior experience at Morgan Stanley, as well as factors such as a specific college degree or multilingual fluency, may be preferred.
Optional Job Description          IBD, high calibre, looking for fairly significant previous financial experience, hours approx. 8:30-5:30.
Location           New York, NEW YORK
Start Date          03/07/2011
End Date          07/06/2011
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