.Net Developer (closed)

Kansas City, MO
$45-$50/hr or $90-$105K compensation
Recruiter Comment: Sr level Developer that likes to mentor, wants to work with the latest technology and stay hands on - paying in the upper $90's - $100K with flexible benefits!! Immediate need - don't wait!!
Job Description

ASG is looking for a Sr level Developer that likes to mentor other developers, work with the latest technology and stay hands-on coding/architecting new applications.  Please send resumes to avoss@adaptivesg.com for more details!!   Great opportunity with flexible pay and benefits!!!

The skills that are important to the job is a combination of things. C#, MVVM, Windows Development, WPF, WCF, Webservices, SOA, SQL and Object Relational Mapping.  Some of the things we’re looking for.  Not all of these are hard-and-fast, obviously, but they should have most, if not all, of these skills.

  1. C# 3.5/4.0
  • Can demonstrate basic object-oriented programming concepts in code
  • Is familiar with language structure and conventions
  • WCF: has created and consumed WCF services (TCP or HTTP), has configured WCF services in a production environment
  • WPF: has created a client application using WPF/XAML
  • Can use LINQ to parse object collections
  • Has created multi-threaded applications
  • Is proficient with using Visual Studio debugging tools to resolve bugs
  • Has used an ORM solution and understands the advantages/disadvantages of ORMs
  1. Architecture
  • Used DI and/or an IoC container to manage dependencies and can explain the advantages of doing so
  • Used MVVM, MVC, or MVP architecture styles in a real project and can explain how these architectures differ from "typical" ASP.NET or WinForms projects.
  • Has understanding of basic architectural principles: service layer, data access layer, cross-cutting concerns
  • Has worked on a project where responsible for writing, updating, and running unit tests as part of daily work

3. Visual Studio/TFS

  • VS 2005, 2008, 2010
  • Create/run unit tests using VS unit test framework
  • Use VS refactoring tools

4. T-SQL (SQL Server)

  • Can write basic SQL queries (SELECT/UPDATE/INSERT/DELETE), including joins, manually
  • Can create foreign key relationships between tables

5. Windows Server/IIS

  • Can perform basic troubleshooting of server deployment problems
  • Can perform basic IIS configuration, including application pools and security settings
  • Has deployed WCF services to IIS in production
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