Diffusion Process Engineer - Semiconductors

Kansas City, MO
$75- $85K compensation
Recruiter Comment: Looking to move on the quickly
Job Description

Provide process support to the diffusion area of the fab.  Drive actions to improve process control, increase yield and prevent scrap.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Process control and improvement of the diffusion and anneal processes.

2. Solid state diffusion of boron, phosphorus and other elements into silicon.

3. Pyrogenic and dry oxidation of silicon.

4. Chemical vapor deposition of nitrides, oxides, polysilicon and other typical semiconductor films.

5. Cost reduction activities.

6. Assist with capital planning and acquisitions.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
- Candidate should possess good communications skills and be aggressive in driving improvement action items.
- Candidate should be open to on-going education to keep current with industry trends.
- Candidate must hold a minimum of Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from an accredited university.

- Minimum 5 years of semiconductor processing or related manufacturing experience. 
- Familiarity with the operation of BTI furnace and Apex control systems, Applied Materials RPCVD, Novellus PECVD, AST/Steag RTP, FSI Mercury Spray Acid Tool and Varian 180XP and E500 implanters.
- Semiconductor experience with Schottky, Planar PN Junction, and MOSFET Devices is preferred.

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