Goodfield, IL
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Job Description
1. Must be capable of operating forklift trucks and other material handling equipment for the loading and unloading of railroad cars and trucks.
2. Is responsible for the delivery of the proper material on time to the various areas of the plant or Distribution Center according to the requisitions or instructions given to him/her.
3. Prepares finsihed goods for transportation to or from the Distribution Center. Loads and offloads trailers and stores finished and unfinished products in the proper place.
4. Counts and verifies by proper item and lot number, all materials during palletization, loading and unloadinga nd stores all materials in the proper place.
5. Assembles, weighs and stages raw materials and packaging components needed for production and maintains proper documentation. 6. Must be capable of occasionally performing proper palletization of finished or unfinished products and storing them in the proper place as designated.
7. Must be capable of refueling or electrically recharging material handling equipment and responsible for the daily maintenance such as cleaning the equipment, checking the oil, water battery and lubrication of the equipment as well as entering this information onto log sheet.
8. Must at all time excercise extreme caution in order to not damage other material or property while operating moving equipment and must at all times excercise extreme caution for the safety of other employees.
9. Must maintain written and/or electronic records as required by management (i.e. cGMP or ISO procedures).
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