Jr. System Admin

New York, NY
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Job Description

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Urgent Need for Jr. System Admin

Location: Utica, NY

Duration: 5 Months


This position will be responsible for installing, maintaining and troubleshooting all computer hardware and software within our organization. Working in a call-center environment and face to face with employees, he/she answers the technical questions of all end users. He/she interacts with external vendors regarding the procurement and repair of hardware. After consulting with end users, he/she may offer recommendations regarding hardware and software upgrades. Additionally, they meticulously track the details of all work they have completed.

Install cabling, hardware and software for all types of communications system, including; LAN, PC, mainframe, modems (async and sync), terminal, and phone.
Develop and maintain administrative and management reports and departmental documentation.
Order hardware, cabling equipment and supplies. Maintain a proper inventory of all supply items.
Provide support to resolve problems with all types of internal and external communications systems, to include any problems concerning PC’s, LAN’s, terminals, and phones.
Diagnose and resolve problems effecting the operations of all Client’s telecommunications system. Maintain system configuration and update as required.
Contact outside technical support for assistance when required. Provide on-site interface for technical support personnel.
Notify managers and supervisors of problems affecting users.
Monitor and document all system outages; audit client billing of data communications charges.
Provide and document data communications line and equipment quotes for prospective and existing clients.
Monitor and document all on-line and PC related trouble reports.

Education and Typical years of Experience
MUST have high school diploma or GED, AA/BA/BS preferred.
MUST have PC skills, LAN/WAN, configuration management skills.
MUST have MS office/outlook/windows experience.

Basic Networking skills and Certifications of A+ and/or Network + is a preferred.

2 years related work experience.
have experience with basic communications cabling systems, communications hardware, computer/telephone communications techniques and PC hardware and software.
have basic knowledge of data communication equipment, functions, and network integration.
have detailed knowledge of personal computers and personal computer applications.
Have developed analytical, communication (verbal and written), time management and organizational skills.

Vanessa Knight

Sr. Executive- Resourcing

Pyramid Consulting, Inc.

SEI-CMMI Level 3

Work: 404-418-6722


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