Senior Android Developer (closed)

New York, NY
85 - 115K DOE compensation
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Job Description

Our Client is a fast-growing, venture-backed, NYC-based mobile service that helps users get and give opinions in real time. We’ve built an addicting mobile application that’s growing rapidly, providing millions of rapid responses per day to users asking all manner of questions on the go. We’re a first-mover in the space, have off-the-chart engagement numbers, a very loyal community, and achieve the quickest results of any service. We are seeking new members of our core team who have sincere enthusiasm for disrupting the industry with a product that changes lives, who attack hard problems with top-notch skills, and who are a strong fit with our core values that include humility/service, craftsmanship, and fearlessness. 

And we’re looking for a stupendous Senior Android Developer to own that platform for us, and to make extraordinary things look easy.

What’s our deal?

We’ve built our systems so far on native mobile platforms for iOS and Android, and PHP server code with a pinch of Ruby to spice things up. Our backend systems are awesome, we’re using MongoDB for all our transactional data, and Vertica DB for business intelligence and data warehousing.

 What have you done?

  • Been building Android applications for at least 2 years.
  • Gotten immersed in the Android ecosystem, you love it, you geek out about it.
  • Proven a deep understanding of the Java language, with experience prior to Android development.
  • Shown skill in leading and fully managing a large codebase, including testing strategies, code refactoring, web service consumption, and appstore deployment.
  • Designed complex Object-Oriented architectures in mobile and/or server software.
  • Earned a degree in computer science, software engineering, or equivalent.

Who are you going to be?

  • A craftsman in your trade. You believe that if something is worth doing at all, it’s worth doing fully, elegantly, creatively. And you know the difference between problems “solved” and problems “solved right”.
  • Practiced, talented, and growing. You’re very good at what you do, and you demand that you’re better at it today than you were yesterday, and not nearly as good as you’ll be tomorrow.
  • A fearless innovator. Driven by optimism, you don’t settle for compromises.
  • You fail gracefully and drive forward stronger, smarter, and more determined.
  • A joy to work with. Through humility, service to your customers, respect for your colleagues, a good sense of humor, and old-fashioned hard work, you bring delight and excitement to bear every day on the challenges of a startup.
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