Director / Sales, Service & Marketing (closed)

Kalamazoo, MI
$140,000 plus bonus compensation
Full Time Employment
Recruiter Comment: Excellent Opportunity for a Sales & Marketing Executive in Southwest, MI!

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Job Description

The position is responsible for the growth, profitability and success of the Sales & Service/Parts organization. The incumbent will hire, develop and motivate sales and service associates, manage inside sales initiatives, establish processes and procedures that support and develop Inside Sales and Service/Parts personnel.

Overall objectives are to provide leadership, ongoing management and continuous improvement/strategic guidance to the Sales & Service/Parts function to achieve the revenue growth and margin objectives for the business.


2.              Principal Outputs of Position:


  1. Manage and provide leadership to the Inside Sales & Service/Parts Teams.

Key Success Indicator: Provides clear direction or expectations to the DTS Sales and Service/Parts teams.  Expectations are realistic and achievable. Consistent understanding of direction and strategy throughout sales organizations at DTS.

  1.  Works collaboratively with the Director of Global Markets and the Executive Leadership Team to rationalize DTS product lines to needs of markets served and margin requirements. This collaboration will enhance the overall strategy for the organization and optimal Manufacturing flexibility to meet target markets needs.

Key Success Indicator: Clearly defined product lines that are complimentary and allow for common products to be manufactured in support of markets and manufacturing capabilities.

C.     Provide ongoing communication and updates to President and the management team

Key Success Indicator: Achievable expectations of sales & service department, consistent expectations and understanding of strategy and direction. Schreiber Engineering and Koolant Koolers brands and marketing efforts are well understood, with strategies that complement the business plan.  Active updates regarding sales volumes, trends, concerns, etc.

D.    Plan, develop and execute business plans targeted towards increasing sales volume and throughput efficiencies in the quoting, follow-up and order fulfillment arena.

Key Success indicator:  Increased order quoting, and fulfillment by the increased use of technology, training of staff and joint efforts with Engineering and Operations.  Bring forth effective solutions to everyday issues and actively implement them while communicating with the various stakeholders.

E.     Identify areas of opportunity within the Inside Sales, Service, including Parts Teams.  Develop goals, strategies and execute action plans for completion to meet market need.

Key Success Indicator: Review processes, procedures and resources for continuous improvement opportunities.  Provide training and mentorship to the teams in best practices.  Ensure teams are obtaining correct product requirements, pricing and margins. Monitors teams? abilities to support other teams within the organization including manufacturing representatives.

F.     Establish goals and objectives with President for support of corporate goals and objectives:

Key Success Indicator: Meets sales and margin targets, periodic discussions to confirm direction and overall business mission.

  1. Evaluate Sales and Service/Parts team members? performance. Establish objectives and development plan for each team member:

Key Success Indicator: Accuracy and timeliness with performance to objectives defined. Reports with each team member. Each member of Sales and Service/Parts organization fully understand the objectives of their role and areas to strengthen.

H.    Clearly communicate the status of the company?s revenue stream to the management team:

Key Success Indicator:  Overall awareness by all management team members in addition to reports, updates, etc.

I.       Educate and set professional development goals.

Key Success Indicator: Attend conferences and seminars to maintain industry knowledge and functional proficiency. Increased profit margin and market share.

  1. All other duties as assigned



Customer Focus:

Internal?DTS Outside Sales, Engineering, Purchasing Team, Operations Team, Finance Team, Executive Management Team

            External?Outside Sales Channels, external customers


Impact on Dimplex Thermal Solutions Business Results:

Improving communications between all Sales, Service/Parts individuals as well as the other departments within DTS to increase workflow efficiency and effectiveness and improve response time with customers. Long-term success of the Sales and Service/Parts organization will impact the overall business success, profitability and goal achievement.





Principal Requirements for Position:

A.    Education, training and/or qualifications necessary to meet the desired outcomes of the position.

1.      Bachelor?s degree in a technical field preferred.  MBA beneficial.  Must have a minimum of 5-8 years? experience in sales, in a manufacturing environment with a minimum of 7-10 years of managerial experience.


B.     Specific skills required to effectively obtain desired results of position.

1.      Excellent written and verbal communication skills; emphasis and strength in developing and implementing strategies, establishing clear objectives, timelines and ensuring follow-up are critical.

2.      Outstanding organizer and system facilitator.  

3.      Limit travel to mission critical activities.

4.      Excellent listener and coach.

5.      Highly motivated, self-starter with strong initiative.

6.      Confident decision making approach and sound business and financial knowledge required.

7.      Demonstrates sound judgment especially in difficult circumstances.

8.      Sound managerial skills such as hiring, evaluating and developing talent, defining roles and expectations, motivating employees, execution of strategy, etc.

9.      Strong computer knowledge and skills.

10.  Excellent presentation skills.


C.    Shared Expectations

1.      Demonstrates a passion towards the success of the business throughout all levels within DTS, especially other departments.

2.      Utilize talents and strengths with efficiency to achieve constant improvement internally and externally in support of the business direction, principles and ethics.

3.      Focus on customer satisfaction by demonstrated teamwork and empowerment, solving problems through creative approach, operating with honesty and integrity and providing a highly responsive and unsurpassed level of customer service and support.


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