FPGA Digital Engineer (closed)

Anaheim, CA
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Job Description

Our partner is located based in Orange County, California and a leader in the design, development, and manufacture of complex hardware in the loop simulation equipment and jamming systems for the defense and aerospace industries worldwide. Specifically, they are a top-tier provider of Radar Target Generators, Digital RF Memories (DRFMs), and Radar Environment Simulators.

The team was founded by engineers who have over 70 years of DRFM, Radar, ECM and RF Simulator design and for over 20 years has been providing services to the defense, aerospace, and telecommunications industries. The team of experts has developed three advanced DRFM models and over 25 RF simulator systems in the past few years. The company’s mission is to become the premier supplier of DRFMs, Radar Environment Simulators, and Radar Target Generators.

We are working with executive management in growing the organization and looking for a Digital Engineer to join a growing team based in Southern California.

Position Overview

Incumbent will be called upon to create and document hardware design solutions such as digital current design, large scale FPGA Programming (i.e. Virtex 5 or 6) firmware applications, microprocessor board level design and digital signal processing. Design, debug and document high-speed digital and mixed signal designs. Coordinate with specific design effort disciplines to complete project as  scheduled; consult with engineering staff to evaluate hardware and software interface and performance of overall system; maintain close working relationship  with quality assurance to identify and fix defects, while documenting findings.

Requirements and Qualification

A minimum of Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering, coupled with  5+ years of related engineering experience, or equivalent combination of  education and experience in a digital hardware design capacity in EW programs is preferred; must be proficient with high-speed designs.

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