This report examines the social media activity of North American recruiters across the "big three" social networks - LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Data was culled from the actual activities of more than 160,000 recruiters using Bullhorn Reach.
Download our free report, "Social Recruiting Activity in the United Kingdom,” for insight into social recruiting trends and adoption in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Learn which UK countries and industries are leveraging specific social networks to identify and engage talent.
Download our free report, "Reaching Your Team's Network: Realizing the ROI of Social Recruiting,” for advice and insights on how to leverage your team's social connections to maximize your social recruiting efforts.
Download our free report on “Social Recruiting in the USA” to gain more insight into which regions are most actively leveraging social media to source talent and which industries recruit most heavily across the “big three” social networks ― Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.
This report compares how recruiters in the United States (U.S.), United Kingdom (U.K.), Australia, Canada and the rest of the world leverage LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as part of their recruitment activity.
This report takes a look at the current social media activity of recruiters and job seekers across the “big three” social networks — LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.